Project Description







CryoPen is a direct source for diagnostic and therapeutic health solutions.We invest a lot of time and effort in research and development in order to remain the leader in this technology.

Cryosurgery is of course nothing new. It is known as THE reference in dermatology clinics. But has any doctor who has struggled with disposable cartridges of icing spray, freeze or liquid spilled,
has applied inaccurate cotton tops or has worked with hazardous, liquid nitrogen, will consider the CryoPen as a completely new solution.

The incredible precision of Cryopens treated in a prudent manner, the smallest skin defects in seconds. Without harming the healthy tissue, the patient can tolerate if needed prolonged treatment in order to achieve a deeper icing and improved earnings. The need for repeated use is dramatically reduced and there is no problem with the consent of the patient, allergic reactions, skin irritation or damage to the adjacent healthy tissue.

The CryoPen is an excellent device to remove skin lesions quickly and effectively. The penetration of the ice takes 5 seconds to 1 millimeter.Successive applications typically take 5-25 seconds so your patient can leave your clinic in just 10 minutes.


The best of cryotherapy. Use with the possibility of 8 g and 16 g cartridges.CryoPen | x can fix all Hautimperfektionen, on which you will encounter in your practice.

4 applicators: Blue, White, Green and Yellow dot.


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