Project Description

Surgery of Laser plus RF for Hair Removal

Unlike systems only based on laser energy, EPILIA RF is a combination system of 808nm Diode laser and Bipolar RF for safe hair removal treatment in most kind of skin and hair types.

With relatively lower laser energy level to preheat the target, RF surrounds the non-conducting hair follicle to make the target hair to be disabled and denatured. Such combination technologies safely target and remove hair with efficacy equal to or better than conventional laser based systems.


  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Lifting
  • Pore Minimization
  • Wrinkle Reduction



Hair removal system for most skin type and hair type, and collagen remodeling

Less Pain

  • Sapphire-tip contacting cooling provides epidermis layer protection for patient comfort during treatment.


  • RF is not affected by chromophore like melanin. This is allowed to use less optical energy for pre-heating the target and deliver the RF energy precisely to the hair follicle.


  • Collimate lenses uniformly radiate direct wave by minimalizing the loss and scattering of laser output in order to heat the hair follicle selectively and precisely.

Fast Treatment

  • Fast treatment can be achieved with FDP mode by diode laser energy.



-Step 1. Protect epidermis layer against the heat.

-Step 2. Laser heats the hair follicle and acts as a guide of RF

-Step 3. RF is delivered to the target follicle precisely to be disabled and denatured.



  • Energy source Diode laser, Radio Frequency
  • Wavelength 808nm
  • Laser power Up to 320W
  • Laser energy Up to 60 J/cm2
  • Laser Pulse Duration 14-154ms
  • RF Duration 10-150ms
  • Spot size 12 *11mm
  • Repetition Rate FDP (Laser): Max. 10Hz, DP1 (Laser+RF): Max.3Hz RF power Max 150W (Up to 22.5J) Cooling 3°C (sapphire contact cooling) Platform weight 45kg
  • Platform size 320 x 460 x 860mm
  • Electrical requirements 100V – 240V